A downloadable game for Windows

The Song of the Legend, a big game that is still in Development!
The story can still change! **Keep that in mind**

Current story:

Times are different, even for heroes. When the time came, heroes protected this world for deckades. But sometimes, heroes also lose things, family and friend. The hero that who was the last hero didn't save the world. He made it worse, and left a dangerous person, on the world. Frozen. Not even death...

Times changed over the time when he left the world, but the people didn't care about it. They went on with they life. But they didn't knew, what is gonna happen next. And even what happend in the past. Lia doesn't even know it... What will happen next?

What is in the game?

Translations, on this moment the game is English and Dutch (standard Language is English)

^ Included in the next update of the game ^

A wide story, that i want to make with you! And more, more more stuff that is cool!

Story ideas?

No problem, you can leave them here on Discord in the following channel:

Song of the Legend -> #helping, we also have a nsfw channel. so leave your things also there, but more... other content.

You want to leave them here? Well, you are welcome to leave them here as well!

Install instructions

Select the file below here! Unwrap it out of his zip fine and you can play with game.exe file (if downloaded from the web version from itch.io;

or just with the play button in the itch.io deskop app!

 Also, there will be updates to the game recently. So, if you download it here. well, than your basicly fine if you want the original. But consiter to play it on the Itch.io desktop app! Than the game will automaticly update and you see the latest changes!


Song of the Legend 225 MB

Development log


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